Look and Feel Good at Any Age!

Irresistibly FUN and Effective!

Iverson Fitness and Wellness was created to help individuals establish environments that make physical activity, good nutrition and stress management irresistibly fun and effective!  We use proven techniques to harness motivation while providing scientific solutions to activate positive and lasting changes in the body.  

Empowerment for Wellness Success!

All programs are built on a foundation of inspiration and empowerment for success.  Using various teaching techniques and intrinsic motivators, you'll feel a sense of gratification while creating deliberate and honest efforts to stay active, motivated, in charge of you health and physically fit for life!

Encouragement and Support!

Founder, Susan Iverson, fosters an environment of encouragement and support while providing you with versatility in programming options, positive feedback and a guarantee of satisfying results.  Customized plans are tailored to fit into your busy schedule and lifestyle patterns.  Safety, balance and enjoyment are the key components for success.
  • SAFETY - Once you begin, Susan will teach you how to protect the body from injuries or rehabilitate old injuries using modalities backed by science, biomechanics, structural function and proper movement technique.
  • BALANCE - All exercise and nutrition programs are balanced, versatile and progressive in nature.  Balanced plans correct problems which may have interfered with your ability to achieve lasting results in the past.
  • ENJOYMENT – If you are serious about your health and fitness, you need to enjoy your programming plan!  To help you along the way, Susan provides you with factual information, proper guidance and a component of fun into your sessions.  She takes pride in cultivating programming options that provide you with continual enjoyment and satisfaction for consistent commitment to your success.

Simple Healthy Solutions You Can Depend On for Life!

More than personal training, Iverson Fitness and Wellness provides you with a professional mentor, a personal motivator, a credentialed educator, 24/7 encouragement and support. Susan fully understands how to deal with struggles individuals often face when beginning a new program.  She will work with you both personally and professionally to help you overcome obstacles and barriers that may have kept you from reaching your goals in the past. Susan will pinpoint solutions to keep you in charge of your wellness success for life!  

More than a Workout!