Weight Management

Susan Iverson has an extensive background in weight management programming.  She offers up-to-date nutritional knowledge and can teach you how to shed unwanted body fat for optimum health.  After an initial, FREE consultation to discuss your personal goals (via phone or in person), Susan will design a customized plan to fit your dietary preferences and lifestyle habits.  During your second consultation, you'll receive a nutrient profile with your BMR and BMI, suggested calorie intake for healthy weight loss, an estimated, current % body fat and suggested "ideal" for your age, height and weight, sample menu ideas, fast food tips, dietary modifications and more!  

Susan's plans place
an emphasis on practicality!  She can not only help you achieve weight loss success, but can teach you how to  maintain the weight lost over a long period of time.  She takes pride in providing all clients with advanced nutritional support, education and motivational solutions specific to individual goals and willingness to succeed.  Her plans are effective, affordable, safe and guaranteed to produce results!

A Non-Depravation Approach

"Diets" promoting excess calorie restriction may help you lose weight quickly, but they cannot guarantee the weight lost is body fat.  If you are depriving your body of calories (hence, nutrition) often times the majority of weight loss comes from water and lean body mass.  The exact opposite of what you need.  Susan's plans are designed to help you lose body fat weight while retaining lean muscle mass.  You will learn how to eat healthy without feeling starved or deprived.  There are no extreme food restrictions, no skipping meals, no going to bed hungry and no hidden gimmicks to get the results you deserve.

Getting Started

Call, text or email Susan to set up your initial, FREE consultation.  A private time to talk about your personal goals, weight loss struggles, past dieting habits, health history and motivational desires to reach your goals.  Step 2 is simply a matter of scheduling preferences.  A time to meet in person and review your customized nutrient profile for weight loss success!

Management of Medical Conditions Related to Excess Body Weight

As a professional in health, fitness and nutrition industry, Susan Iverson can assist you in the management of medical conditions related to excess body weight.  If you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea or joint pain, these problems may be resolved naturally as you begin to lose weight. Susan will gladly work with your primary care physician and keep them informed of your progress, so that he or she may make adjustments in medications as needed.

Weight Loss Supplements – Are They Safe?

Many diets on the market today have been stealing your money by promising impossible results using a magic potion or pill. The truth is - many of these products have not been approved by the FDA.  Susan takes pride in the safety of her clients.  She will openly discuss the use of appetite suppressants, fat absorption inhibitors, multi-vitamins and minerals, metabolic fat-boosters, energy supplements and other products which claim to aid in the calorie burning process.

Weekly Monitoring for Weight Loss Success

Once you begin a program, weekly monitoring is absolutely crucial for weight loss success!  No matter which plan you choose, weekly monitoring will assist in keeping you accountable to yourself and to the program.  If you choose, private weekly consultations, you’ll receive additional guidance, instruction, feedback, education and goal setting support for continued success.  Once you have started to lose weight and are confident in your ability to succeed on your own, follow-up sessions can be scheduled on an "as needed" basis.


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Client Testimonials
Susan Iverson is very professional, personable and a hands on personal trainer and wellness coach. She is sincerely concerned about the well-being of her clients. She listens very attentively to her clients’ goals and aspirations and designs a plan specifically for them. Susan checks in with you on a regular basis so you stay motivated and accountable to your goals. I have made rapid weight loss progress on plans designed by Susan.
Stephanie M. – CS, CO

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