Fitness Training Services

Iverson Fitness and Wellness Consulting offers a wide range of Fitness Training Services designed to meet individual needs. Please click on a title below for more details for each service.

Base Plans

Intro to Fitness

If you are new to exercise or just beginning a fitness regime, Intro to Fitness provides you with an overview of basic guidelines and principles for success. We review exercise selection, body alignment, form, posture, breathing techniques, reps, sets and safety guidelines for optimal results.

Program Set-Up & Design

An opportunity to learn something new or make adjustments to a former routine. Offered as a single or double session series, Program Set-Up and Design offers you a total body exercise plan that is sequentially balanced around your goals, scheduling preferences and training needs. 

Progression Series

To maximize long-term results, we recommend a Progression Series. A personal commitment to your health with weekly or bi-weekly training sessions and a personal commitment to yourself on days when you are not with your trainer or coach. Single, group, in-home or in-gym sessions available.

Wellness Coaching

An increasingly popular way to get fit without regular face-to-face appointments with a trainer is wellness coaching. Wellness coaching takes the services of a personal trainer to a whole new level, allowing you to stay accountable and more in control of the training process. Three and six month plans with weekly coaching consultations (via phone, email or face-time) allow you to exercise when ever and where ever you wish (home, gym, office, on the road, etc.), each week bringing something new!

Specialized Options

Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise training helps bring the body back into postural alignment by eliminating muscle imbalances and compensations that contribute to pain and discomfort. Sessions begin with an assessment of your movement patters and postural alignment while performing a simple task or activity of daily living.

Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehab sessions are designed to complement post physical therapy or generalized injury rehab due to muscle strains, sprains, torn ligaments, spinal misalignment, shoulder, hip and knee replacements or other related injury that is causing lack of mobility, joint issues or pain.

Whole Body Training

Whole body training is a great way to enhance strength, lose fat and build strong muscles and bones without the use of any external equipment or props. The only resistance needed for the workout is your own body weight. Great for travelers, individuals who don’t have access to exercise equipment, those working in a home office or off-site business location, or individuals who wish to take their strength training workouts outdoors. 

Functional Fitness Training

Functional fitness training includes a combination of movement patterns to enhance muscular/skeletal function throughout a full range of motion. Exercises are selected and sequenced with a goal of improving total body strength, core conditioning, increased flexibility of the spine and upper limbs, enhanced neuromuscular and postural awareness, increased mobility during exercise activities and decreased abdominal fat around the mid section.

Core Conditioning

Most people associate core strength as having a flat belly, six-pack abs or toned mid section. Likewise, to strengthen the core, most individuals think of doing a lot of abdominal crunches and sit-ups. This is far from the truth. To build a strong core, you need to include exercises for several muscle groups from your hips to your shoulders.

Senior Fitness

Regular physical activity can enhance health and assist functioning during our senior years. Exercise can also be used as an add-on therapy for physiological and psychological disorders associated with aging, and can be used to reduce or minimize functional hazards that often accompany advancing age. Specialists with Iverson Fitness and Wellness are highly qualified in exercise prescription for the senior population, with or without physical limitations, safely progressing you to a new level of health and achievement during advancing years.

Suspension Training

Suspension training is a method of exercise conducted with a pair of support cables attached to a single anchor point overhead. Programming options range from simple movements to more complex and dynamic exercises that challenge both the neuromuscular and metabolic systems. A primary benefit of training with this specialized equipment is the ability to modify body position, base of support and stability.

Sports Performance

Athletes, as compared to the general population, require an effective training regime with specified intensities for seasonal results. Our sports performance trainers combine primary, secondary and maintenance phase workouts to target athletic success during pre, in season and post season sessions.

Wellness and Recovery

Designed specifically for an individual who has been diagnosed with a disease or undergoing recovery for a pre-existing condition. Specialties include training for: Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Fibromylagia, Syndrome X, M.S., Lupus, Heart Disease, Stroke, COPD, Arthritis, Cancer Recovery, Anxiety, Depression and Metabolic Disorders.


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I thought I was in shape until I worked out with Susan. She has given me motivation and shown me how much further I can go. My health and fitness level has improved tremendously! Susan keeps me inspired with new techniques that allow me to stay in focused and in control.
Mark H.

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